Tonight, we will be having our first School Council Meeting (in person) at Conestogo P.S at 7:00pm. In order to ensure that everyone who would like to attend are able to do so given busy schedules, we will have an open virtual invitation for our first meeting. The meeting link for tonight is The rest of the meetings this school year will be hybrid through individual virtual invitations for those that express interest.

As part of our first School Council meeting we will be discussing leadership positions for the 2022-2023 Conestogo School Council. If you would like to nominate someone (with their permission) or you are interested in any of these positions below, please complete the Google Form by today, Monday September 12th by 4pm. Note that all positions, including executive leadership roles and members, require a nomination form to be completed. Anyone that takes on a new role at CPS School Council will receive mentoring and assistance from the person that was previously in that role, and will be supported by Council as a whole! Please feel free to forward this information to anyone that may be interested!

Description of Roles:

School Council Chair/ Co-Chair

  • Lead School Council meetings
  • Monitor the implementation of School Council decisions
  • Meet regularly with the school Principal to discuss agendas and School Council activities
  • Establish additional School Council meetings as required
  • Notify WRAPSC, after the first Council meeting, who the WRAPSC Assembly Rep will be
  • Consult with Board staff and Trustees, as required
  • Work with the Principal to follow and establish election procedures for the following school year
  • Maintain the School Council bylaws and ensure an annual review by the council
  • Prepare an annual report to be submitted to the Principal for distribution to the school community and the WRDSB. (This is typically done by the Executive as a team).


  • Prepare a written agenda, in cooperation and consultation with the Principal
  • Distribute meeting agenda to School Council members at least one week prior to each meeting
  • Ensure that the minutes of School Council meetings are recorded and stored in paper and electronic format
  • Ensure that all minutes and records of financial transactions are available to any person at the school, for four years
  • The secretary’s primary role is to ensure that they thoroughly and accurately record the meetings held by School Councils. The secretary should gather reports or relevant handouts to be included.


  • Ensure that funds raised by the Council are tracked separately and records are maintained.
  • Provide a report to the School Council regularly.
  • Communications Manager
  • Work with the school administrative staff to send out messages and update the School Council website to keep the school community informed of current and upcoming Council activities.

WRPSC Representative

  • Represent the School Council at WRAPSC in the role of Assembly Representative
  • Attend 6 meetings per year
  • Where unavailable, arrange an alternate to attend in their place
  • Represent the view and speak on behalf of their individual School Council
  • When a vote is required by the Assembly, the rep has one vote on behalf of their School Council
  • Communicate information and decisions from WRAPSC to their School Council at each meeting, as a regular agenda item

Community Representative

  • Provide the perspective of a member of the school community in School Council decision making and discussion
  • Provide particular expertise and information from their own background to the School Council, where appropriate
  • Assist in building community partnerships and relationships that enhance student learning

You can nominate yourself or someone else (with their permission) using the google form found here:

2022-2023 Parent Council Nomination Form

Nominations must be received by today (September 12, 2022) at 4:00 PM.

Please feel free to contact our School Council Co-Chairs Collen Heinrichs and Rebecca Hallman with any questions or concerns via email at

We hope to see you this evening in person or online!