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Autism Awareness in April

April is Autism Awareness month.  We encourage all our school families to take time to learn about autism and how we can support our students with autism. The following video clips provide a good introduction to increase our understanding and awareness.

‘Amazing Things Happen’

‘Meet my Brother’

Extreme Weather Information



Health and Phys. Ed. Resources for Parents (New 2015)

Ministry of Education Health Resources


General Information Items for Parents

ESNS Parent letter – Introduction


Responsible Use Procedure


Supporting your Child’s Learning through Assessment, Evaluation and Reporting


Preparing your Child for School

Here is a great resource for parents getting their children ready to attend school for the first time.

Learning to Play and Playing to Learn: Getting Ready for School

Math Resources

From Conestogo Counts – Dr. Marian Small

Dr. Marian Small’s Website:

Dr. Small’s Presentation:

How do you order 43 Chicken McNuggets?

Orange sections?

Useful Math-related Websites

As provided in the presentation:

Past Events

Conestogo Counts: April 20, 2015