Report Card Resources

  • Understanding Your Child’s Kindergarten Reports: A Parent’s Guide to Kindergarten Communication of Learning: Initial Observations and the Kindergarten Communication of Learning – .pdf format
  • Supporting Your Child’s Learning Through Assessment, Evaluation and Reporting – .pdf format
  • Understanding Levels of Achievement – Primary .pdf document | Junior .pdf document


EQAO – Education Quality and Accountability Office


Mathematics Resources

  1. Doing Mathematics With Your Child, A Parent Guide (Ontario Ministry of Education)
  2. Nelson Education Parent Centre – At-home activities and websites
  3. Everyday Mathematics (University of Chicago) – What an AMAZING website and project! Here parents can find twelve math units (Wow!) to work on with their children at home for each level from Pre-K to Grade 6. Units are broken down into several lessons and the concepts are taught online. Study links and answers to questions are provided as well.
  4. Making Math Magic at Home! (Queens University Faculty of Education, 2010) – Contains 124 pages of math activities to do at home with your child. There are even some activities in French at the end of the document!
  5. Figure this! Math Challenges for Families (National Council of Teachers of Mathematics)
  6. Math Online Dictionary – This online tool can be very helpful for both students and parents who are struggling to understand or remember the meaning of math terms and concepts.
  7. From (see topic links below) – Worksheets, games, flashcards and a homework helper! This is an excellent resource to strengthen number sense skills through guided practice. I especially like the homework helper feature because it explains and demonstrates step-by-step how to solve multi-digit computations (particularly helpful with those who struggle with long division).


Health and Phys. Ed. Resources for Parents

Ministry of Education Health Resources


General Information Items for Parents


Responsible Use Procedure


Supporting your Child’s Learning through Assessment, Evaluation and Reporting


Preparing your Child for School

Here is a great resource for parents getting their children ready to attend school for the first time.

Learning to Play and Playing to Learn: Getting Ready for School

Useful Math-related Websites: