Support Our School!
Save Our Subscriptions!

Please save your magazine orders and renewals for our QSP Magazine Fundraising Program. This program supports READING and helps raise funds at the same time. These funds go towards extra-curricular programs, activities, supplies and equipment that benefit our children. On average our school earns $10.00 per subscription.


  • We get great magazines at great prices. Save up to 80% off of newsstand prices!
  • Our School earns a profit to go towards the many costs and extras that help to enrich our children’s school experience.
  • Our Children are encouraged to read and/or model your reading behaviour and help literacy skills.

So, save your renewals for our magazine subscription fundraiser this fall! There is still time to order now at www.qsp.ca. You will be helping to raise money for programs and activities to benefit all our students.

Also, COMING THIS FALL!! To Remember This Photo Memory products – photo books, calendars, invitations, cards and more!

Questions regarding your magazine order? Please call QSP Customer Service: 1-800-667-2536

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